OPP may prove to be a basic yet reliable starting point for strategic planning

OPP, short for Objective Oriented Planning can be a useful tool for strategic planning especially for small NGOs like Lopoki Inc.

The last couple of days have been about strategic planning…in and around the kitchen area of course..lol. The sago thatched kitchen house, with the earthen floor, provides just enough space and light to place the blackboard.

Basically I’m trying to develop a three year strategic plan for Lopoki Inc. using Objective Oriented Planning (OPP) which basically means that success comes from achieving set objectives. Developing a periodic strategic plan enables you to implement a stable Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system thus you can measure your progress and successes.

Now the way to develop objectives using OPP is to do it through a Logical Framework Approach (LFA).

So one of the key steps is to first do Problem Analysis. This is because the LFA makes the assumption that the set objectives will come from the problems identified therefore, if you identify the problem correctly, you will develop accurate and sensible objectives.

So setting up the blackboard in front of the kitchen seems to be the right place to do a rough draft of the problem tree. Identifying the root causes is the key outcome of Problem Analysis

Now using a problem tree, I have identified a focal problem and broken down its’ causes and its’ effects. Hopefully, the root causes are identified and this, in turn, becomes the objectives.

There are a couple more steps to undertake before the strategic plan is complete. I’m hoping that once the strategic plan document is complete, it will run from maybe Sept 2021 to Sept 2024.

It is still a one-man effort but you got to start somewhere, right?