Need new glasses? A welcome sight in Goroka

Like many Papua New Guineans, I too, suffer from poor eyesight, in particular, short-sightedness (myopia). This means that when I see objects or people that are far away from me, they are blurry. My eyes cant make them out from a distance. To correct this, one can purchase glasses after doing proper eye tests with a qualified optometrist. The consultation will cost you but the expensive items are the glass frames and lens.

Over the years, I have spent quite a lot of money to purchase specific frames and lens for my glasses. Different vendors will have their own price and catalogue of glasses. Earlier this year I enquired at a private eye care company/optometrist operating in an urban area. In their stock, they begin all their frame prices at K650 while the lens may go up to K800 particularly for my lens strength. There are many organizations, some privately owned companies or cross country charity organisations or even church based NGOs that provide eye care across the country. Each has their own price depending on factors such as quality of frames, strength of lens, cost of doing business, number of people in need, estimation of affordability, whether optical care is part of rehabilitation or not, negative perceptions among different groups of people, etc. But all of them, from my experience, will provide an eye test and give information on the necessary glasses and lens to offer. Some eye tests are basic while others require much greater attention.

When visiting Goroka, the capital of Eastern Highlands Province, I came across the Callan Optical Service. Their office is right alongside the Highlands Highway opposite the airport.

The notice next to the entrance of the building showing the services provided and the types of work they carry out at the facility.

Their service and quality of care is top notch! As soon as I entered their small office space, Mr. Kotis Awaso, the refractionist and optical technician greeted me.

Kotis Awaso is ever ready to help me choose my frames
The frames are on display.

Since I knew my lens strength measurement, he invited me in to the area where the frames were on display. At the Callan Optical Service, both the frames and lens together cost K200. I spent the next ten minutes trying on the frames that I liked. Once I chose one, I paid for it and they started cutting the lens. Within 30 minutes I received my new pair of glasses! It was indeed a welcome sight in Goroka!

My completely new glasses with the tinted lens cut within 30 minutes.

While some might still say that K200 is still a lot of money to fork out for a pair of glasses, I would say otherwise. For the quality of frames and lenses, and the work required to cut the lens for the frames in 30 minutes, this is something you dont get often almost anywhere in this country. If I were to pay these elsewhere in places like Lae, Port Moresby or even places where I have gone to do studies such as Brisbane and Perth in Australia (yes I have done tests and got lens/frames in these two cities), this is the best cost effective option for me. Even in places like Australia, you would definitely need health insurance cover to pay for prescription glasses as it can be quite expensive.

If you are ever in Goroka and want to have your eyes checked/tested or look for new glasses, then visit the Callan Optical Service right in the heart of Goroka town, just along the Highlands Highway road.