Sago making is hard work

Making sago is a difficult process to undertake. It is a job that requires both males and females to work together to produce the food – sago

The men have to identify the sago tree, if its mature and ready, where it will lie when cut, its proximity to a water source in order for the women to wash the sago and above all decide how bigger portion should be cut so as to complete the beating of the sago in a day.

Once the men have beaten or scrapped the flesh of the sago into fine pulp, the women gather this in bags and bring it to the area for washing. This is when they scoop water into a hollow trough and wash the sago pulp. The idea is that filtration occurs and sago mixed with water settle on the base of the canvas. Then through decantation, the water flows out leaving the fine sago at the bottom.

Sago making is a labour intensive process but most people do it because you can start the process in the morning but by afternoon you already have food to cook to eat.

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