Passing through the Loniu Waterway Passage

The Loniu bridge is one of Manus’s valuable infrastructure, if not, the single most important piece of infrastructure on the island province. It is most important economically as it connects the Los Negros island to the mainland of Manus. Its 200 meter or so waters separates a provincial airport, a national naval base, a host of primary and secondary schools and a significant population from the greater Manus area. The waters under the bridge run from the south coast to the north coast of Manus and so the sea faring people of coastal Manus use this as a passage way to travel to each side respectively. I recently travelled under this bridge and so I tried to showcase a view of the bridge as we travelled under it.

I tried using video editing apps for android phones such as PowerDirector and VLLO but I think I finally found one that suits me – KineMaster. Its beauty lies in its simplistic layout, basic editing tools, good audio and the great thing it is free to use and download from Google Playstore. You can always teach yourself how to use this app using Youtube tutorials. Here is my first video showing some of its free audio, transitions and text. Even though it is only 55 secs long, the actual video file still took up 26MB so be careful of space restrictions on your mobile phone. More experienced users have a way of reducing the file size. I’ve placed this video on my Youtube Channel and created a link here.

Happy travelling!

KINEMASTER has these great transitions to separate the different clips and incorporates good music too.

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