Our Community Efforts

Some of Lopoki Inc.’s work in our communities so far

Our four focus areas helps guide the implementation of certain activities to achieve our organizational objectives. Since our inception in June 2021, we have implemented some activities to date. You can click on the links to read each story.

Focus Areas: Komuniti Pipol Program Grade 12 Tertiary Information Sessions – In this activity, we worked in partnership with Divine Word University, particularly the Registrar’s office to talk to Grade 12 students in Secondary schools about DWU courses, campus life, entry requirements and course combinations. We visited only two schools. We firstly visited ECOM Secondary and then Papitalai Secondary schools respectively.

Focus Areas: Komuniti Pipol Program; Kirapim Wok Bisnis Program Housekeeping Training – In this activity, we worked in partnership with Manus Provincial Government’s Commerce Division, Manus Training Centre and Nyapio Island Getaway Resort to deliver a three day basic housekeeping training for ten (10) locals of Nyapio Island on the south coast of Manus.

Focus Areas: Graun em Laif Program; Komuniti Pipol Program; Kirapim Wok Bisnis Program Advocacy through mass media – In this particular activity, we have worked with local Manusians to bring to light social issues faced by their respective communities. We hoped that through story telling, we would influence public opinion and provide a platform for greater investment, partnership and community empowerment in rural areas of Manus. We have worked with M’buke islanders as they set out to improve their communication services, the Nyapio islanders on their community guest house and Liap villagers on their rubber and eaglewood farms respectively