Our Focus Areas

How we try to help local communities

Lopoki Inc. has four focus areas. We try our best as much as we can to work under these four areas to achieve our organisational objectives.

Graun em laif program

In this focus area, the key objective is about improving land security to assist land owners build sustainable agricultural practices. This includes building knowledge on land use demand such as migration and population growth; improving good governance systems and equipping leaders with better agricultural practices. 

Mr. Mark Patlau of Liap village in Manus Provincie, Papua New Guinea, positioning a black rubber cup holder for the white rubber liquid to fall and collect.
Helping rubber farmers by creating awareness of their issues in the mass media

Komuniti pipol program.

In this focus area, the key objective is to assist groups and individuals in the community improve their wellbeing and safety. This includes work in the areas of building leadership, improving the role of women and girls in ICT, building social resilience in young people and promoting community empowerment for  men and women.

Nine women and one man from Nyapio  Island Getaway Resort graduate from a three day House Keeping training run by Manus Training Centre and facilitated by Lopoki Inc.
Helping rural women access basic upskilling training is a key strategy of Lopoki Inc.

Daunim sik program 

In this key focus area, the key objective is to complement current government health initiatives and improve water and sanitation practices. This includes increasing knowledge safer water use, better nutrition, improved toilets and increasing knowledge on sexual/reproductive health.

Some women from Nyapio Island from the the south coast of Manus Island try their hand in cooking stones in preparation for a Aigir cooking session run by Abus na Kumu
Promoting use of traditional cooking methods and garden food helps promote good health in our communities

Kirapim wok bisnis program

In this focus area, Lopoki Inc. aims to assist local communities and individuals build their small business ideas and encourage sustainable business practices. This can be done through creating partnerships between farmers, small businesses and governments, firms and the market economy.

Mark Patlau and his nephew displa clumps of rubber they have harvested in Liap village in Manus Province, Papua New Guinea.
Lopoki Inc aims to assist farmers who are willing to help themselves in sustainable business practices