Our ethos and mission

Why we do what we do

Our Ethos is, simply, the fundamental character or spirit of how we aim to do our work in our local communities. It is our culture; the underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs and practices of Lopoki Inc..

We derive our ethos from the PNG Constitution, particularly from the preamble:

..WE, THE PEOPLE, do now establish this sovereign nation and declare ourselves, under the guiding hand of God, to be the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.
 AND WE ASSERT, by virtue of that authority
· that all power belongs to the people—acting through their duly elected representatives
· that respect for the dignity of the individual and community interdependence are basic principles of our society
· that we guard with our lives our national identity, integrity and self respect
· that we reject violence and seek consensus as a means of solving our common problems
· that our national wealth, won by honest, hard work be equitably shared by all

It is from this wisdom that we draw our inspiration with our Mission:

Lopoki Inc. seeks to provide a pathway for rural communities in PNG that want to help themselves build a life that encourages integrity, hard work and dignity. This pathway uses capacity building, innovative approaches and community empowerment as key tools for sustainable success.