Just another day at the beach

Some days are not so good and some days are better than most. Its just how things are. You struggle through work or business or family but sometimes, you have to have time to yourself. Taking time out is important for the mind and for the soul as well. Even calm days at the seaside can do you a world of good. On the weekend, the kids and I went down to the beach to have a swim.

Using my Samsung A52s mobile phone, I shot a few short video clips, mostly 10 seconds long, of different angles. I took this by just mostly holding the phone still in a landscape position after pressing the record button. I took a few pan shots by moving the phone upwards to show distance close to far and moving the phone sideways to show a breadth of the view. After I came home in the evening, I sat down to edit the video. Using Capcut, a simple video editing software, I was able to stitch together the videos on the app’s timeline then applied the same transition along the various video clips. During the editing process, I made sure that each video was 2.8 seconds long. Eventually, the finished product was around 31 seconds long.

Here is the finished product:

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