Lopoki Inc. improves its networking opportunities on social media spaces

So we have finally created our LinkedIn page and our Facebook page as well!

The Lopoki Inc. linkedIn page is now online. We are pleased to see three (3) followers already.

We hope that through such pages on this social media space, we will be able to reach out and form greater partnerships with those that have similar values as us. We also hope that through these connections, we can reach out to more people and help local communities in Manus and the rest of the country as well. So if you are also on LinkedIn, then please do not hesitate to follow our page and help us reach more people.

We are also reaching out and showcasing our work through our Facebook page as well. Its a small start as we begin to utilize the most popular social media app in the world by building our brand on thee platform too.

Our Facebook page has gained just over 100 followers already since its creation mid-way through the year.

So join our social media pages if you are on both these platforms. Otherwise, you can always come here to our website and read our stories just the same!

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