Health Economics: Making small steps

Some of the 3rd Year Environmental Health Students and Health Management students take a end-of-class photo with me.

This is a small picture of a teacher and his students but it represents something so significant to me. It represents a journey that I undertook over a couple of months to reach the end today.

Towards the end of 2018, I applied for the Australia Awards short course programs. In 2019, I was so fortunate to be selected to undertake a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Economics with 23 other Papua New Guineans at Griffith University.

In the second semester of 2020, I was given the opportunity to teach HM306 Health Economics for 52 undergraduate students here at DWU for 14 weeks. It ended this week.

This event seemed so small like many other units taught at this great university but it meant the world to me. To even get to this stage to have this picture taken is a reflection of how fortunate I have been to have been helped by so many people (far too many to name) from the start of 2019 to now the end of semester 2 of 2020.

My small family, my friends, my HM colleagues and HOD, Australia Awards and of course my employer DWU, all I can say is thanks for the support, encouragement and teamwork. It takes a team to build another team. Nation building starts where you are and the small things you give to others!

Wuroh Lapan!

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