Free online advertising for Lorengau based very small businesses

If you are a very small business or community organisation (one to three people operated) in Lorengau town, Manus Province and want to advertise your service or event, then Lopoki Inc. can help spread the word online.

Just do your small and simple advertisment as a photo and send it to Lopoki Inc. so we can place it on our blog for FREE for three months. After that we will take your advert down and you don’t have to pay anything at all. It’s part of our community program in helping Manusians be better versions of themselves.

Not too many people visit our blog but its worth a try getting your work, service or event out there. It’s free so you win and we win by getting people to visit our website. There is no guarantee that your advertisement will be sucessful on our blog but it is better than nothing at all.

Send your artwork/photo to

You can go to our blog and see the current adverts on the righthand side (if you are using a computer) or at the bottom of the page (if you are using a mobile phone).

We are putting up only FIVE SPACES on our blog so first come first serve. Once five adverts go up on our blog, then we will not be accepting any more.


Ps. We are not helping anyone develop their advert. It’s a skill you should develop to market yourself as a small business or community organisation. Here is a tip: You can do your advert on MS PowerPoint on your computer then save it as a picture (jpeg). Then send the picture file to us.

A very small business or club or group or faith based or family based in Lorengau is most welcome to use this opportunity.

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  1. Excellent idea or proposal. Sometimes people do not know how and what to prepare for adverts. Since it is free, you could also promote what to do and how to do. For example, Madang Technical College is in Lorengau today to sign MOA with Manus Training Centre to partner in education capacity building. My request to assist advertised the services and products of Manus Training Centre, a National Government training centre. Thank you for making a difference in Manus.


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