DWU Open Day 2023 a hit!

There is something about Divine Word University and its university mandated events! All throughout the year, the university events such as the Graduation, Cultural Day, Missioning, Media Freedom Day, etc have been the opportunity to showcase the cherry on the cake, so to speak – the students. They’ve been at the backend, forefront, leading and managing these university events for a long time. Ask anyone who has passed out from the university an they will tell you, the university events have been the place where students get to experience the best times of their lives. Well, most times. Other times, it’s just a group of dedicated students who lead and manage the rest to bring everything together.

One of these events has been the DWU Open Day. Although it has been an annual event, since COVID arrived in 2020, the event has moved online. However, this year, the event came out of its online status and ran for a full day on the Madang Campus, utlizing the John Paul Hall. The students rose to the occasion and produced a magnificent day on the 14th of May. They came up with ideas on what to display, worked around the clock and brought to life their work. I tried to capture the day through photos but I just couldn’t cover everything. I just produced a short video dedicated to the day.

The Faculty of Business and Informatics won the first place shield as judged by a handful of selected individuals. They really did match the judging criteria and worked as a team to pull of the winning edge in comparison to the other faculties on the day. Congratulations!!!!

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