DHL office in Manus

DHL, an international express mail, courier service and package delivery service that is known the world over, has an office in Lorengau.

DHL was by co-founded by three people, Larry Lee Hillblom, Adrian Dalsey and Robert Lynn in 1969 in the USA. The first letter of their surname of each person formed the company name – DHL. Since then, the company has grown to reach 220 countries and territories around the world.

Their office in Lorengau is located at Ward 1, just adjacent to the famous ‘raun wara’. If you take the bus from Lorengau market, you pay K1 for the ride and the bus crew will let you off at ‘Raun wara’. You leave the main road and walk down to the beach. As you approach a refueling station close to the beach, you look inside the area and you will see the famous yellow and red signage of DHL.

At the time I visited the office, packages from 1kg to 5kg would cost K71.60 for domestic courier (this might have changed since then) and packages 5kg and up to 300kg would be calculated on height, weight and the distance the package would travel for.

Its a great service provided here in Manus so if you want to send or receive packages in a safe and timely manner, then DHL is the way to go.

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