Cement Roads improve the Eriku look

I remember when I started working in Lae in the mid 2000s, Eriku had huge potholes, street drunks, people charging you for sitting down, people crossing the road between cars, litter everywhere, etc. The biggest improvement in Eriku is the road – main roads and roads behind the shops.

Standing at the Eriku overhead bridge looking eastwards

I also see regular police foot patrols, community groups engaged to clean the streets, orderly conduct of buses, etc. Effective leadership is in place and the people of Lae Open know who their leader is. I mean the guy didn’t even campaign during the 2022 national general elections na em win yah! Wok ba tok!

Standing at the Eriku Overhead Bridge looking westwards

You can find more on the Lae City Authority website: https://lca.gov.pg/

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