Beautiful mornings on the north coast

Sometimes when we wake up in the morning, we are already thinking ahead of the plans we have to carry out and the people we need to meet. But when it is very early in the morning, you just have to step back a bit and appreciate what is around you.

Yes we have problems but we are also thankful of where we live. When I walked down to the beach ( I live up in the mountains) to look for a boat to travel into Lorengau, I couldn’t help but notice the morning sun as it rose from the east of Manus

Standing at Madawo Esio, in Liap, I look eastwards as the sun rises on the east of Manus province.

I looked up and saw a fisherman trawling for small fish, most probably ‘mamau’ or ‘mas’ – those small silvery fish that zip to and fro along the sand on the sea floor. He paddled fast with his string in the water. As he cut the morning waters with his outrigger canoe, he pauses paddling and lets the wooden canoe slide along. He quickly tugged at the string behind him, then pulling the string right past him in a swinging motion, checking to seek if a fish had latched onto his hook. When he notices no fish has struck, he releases the string and quickly paddles again repeating the process. Before long, he will have ten or fifteen of these small fish then he will retire back to his house to have breakfast. As I walk along the beach, some more men are heading out to sea to join the first person in the sea bay.

Yes this is one part of the morning activities in Liap village on the north coast of Manus. The land and the sea continues to feed us and we appreciate the place where we are born into, live and work. It is not pretty at times but it is where we call home. It is the place where we will eventually die and be buried here. It is our home. It is where the sun rises so beautifully in the east and a village rises.

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