CA students talk to community schools in Madang

Today is the 3rd of May. We often put this day down on our calendar as ‘Media Freedom Day’ – a day dedicated to remember and celebrate the work of journalists and media workers. This year’s theme:  A Press for the Planet: Journalism in the Face of the Environmental Crisis, encouraged all of us to reconsider how we, as news reporters, journalists and communications people report and inform the public on rising environmental issues and climate change. 

The students of the Communication Arts (CA) Department at Divine Word University in Madang took to the schools in the surrounding community to inform them of the remembrance and magnitude of the Media Freedom in light of rising climate and environmental issues. 

At first assembly on a Friday morning, the first group of CA students arrived at Kusbau Primary School. The school currently has 1,700 students and 53 teachers and the CA students quickly adapted to the use of loud hailer and began their engagement with the student body during school assembly.

 Then at around 11am the next group of CA students visited Lutheran Day Primary School and talked to five classes of grade 7 students. The students of Lutheran Day Primary School were inquisitive, asked questions and prizes of DWU diaries and DWU calendars were given to students as well.  

Another group did visit Tusbab Secondary School but I did not tag along with them. Instead, I again went with another group who visited Holy Spirit Primary School. This is a large school that filled the hall. Even though I did not get official numbers, the students that attended the awareness were from grades 6, 7 and 8. 

Yes today was an eventful day and we hoped we did justice to the day to remember the work of journalists all around the world. To remember those who have fallen and suffered because of their role in seeking the truth and to celebrate the fundamental principles of journalism.  Today, the CA students held their own in front of so many of these primary school students. It was nerve wrecking for some while for others, it was continuation of their professional growth as public speakers. I admired how they carried themselves and spoke on climate change, environmental issues and simple ways we, as Papua New Guineans, can help inform ourselves of these issues and address them in our communities. 

A small video to capture some events of the day

Some day, these students will become professionals and look back and reflect upon their lives as students and I know this will definitely be a highlight for many of them.  HAPPY MEDIA FREEDOM DAY!