Analyzing qualitative research data

Sharing something to assist those up and coming researchers….

When you have collected your research data, the next step in the research process is Data Analysis. One of the first key steps to do is to organise your data first before you can begin the rest of the data analysis process. So this first step involves coding the data. So for me, my data is qualitative (interviews) so I have transcribed (converted audio to written text) the interview and now can begin coding. While many do this manually (using MS Word or print copies of their transcripts), I’m doing mine using a software. There are paid versions out there online and there are also free versions of software online too. This picture below is the face of a free software that is online. You can find some more of them through Google and then later watch YouTube tutorials to teach yourself how to do it just like what I am doing.

As you can see from the picture, the transcribed text is in the middle, while my codes are listed on the left. Every time I read something in the transcript, I code it and its appears on the left. On the right is where the software begins to assist me visualize the connections between the codes thus helping me categorize and develop my themes. It’s a work in progress but its something that I hope to master. Of course, the software is free online so anyone can use it.

I just wanted to share this to say that sometimes when we as Papua New Guineans cannot afford to pay for lessons or go to school, you can always teach yourself how to do things if you spend time finding the good things online on the Internet and use it to solve the issues you may be faced with.