What have forgotten? What have we lost?

What have we forgotten? What have we lost?

Random flickers of the days past,

like droplets of water,

run through the gulleys of my mind.

They bubble along,

indiscriminately subtle,

yet with malevalent echoes,

like a rage within a trickle.

They form pools of fleeting memories,

like dusts of stars among the night sky.

What have we forgotten? What have we lost?

In life’s finality, his triumphs trumpeted.

His humanity, his love for family, culture and ‘pasin’, rings loud.

Random flickers of years past,

like whispers of a chant,

reveal days of injustice and the void of opportunity.

Days where he looked at his students’ eyes, they looked back at his Sepik eyes, yearning for something different.

Days where he held the radio mic, his listening audiece silent, waiting for that Somare voice.

His mind, filled with stark images of a bleak distant future, of marauding merchants,

silhouettes of a people without a voice,

a great people being denied volition in their own land.

Who would dare stand up? Was it too great a fight?

He was just Micheal.


Red, black and gold arise!

Triumphant, proud and eagerly ready.

With a band of like minded men and women, they could dream with the 8 point plan.

The ‘mama lo’ would make eloquent their aspirations, make fluent their songs and embody their spirit.

The vision of doctors, pilots, scientists and engineers, not a fleeting whisper anymore.

The colonial rule of years past, extinguished!

No more ‘yes masta’, no more ‘forms’ to fill, no more pennies and shillings.

Would 800 legacies survive as one? Would they reach 40 years on intact?

He marched on.


What have we forgotten? What have lost?

Who forgets their father? Who forgets the one who begot him/her?

Like a rage within a trickle, painful tears fall,

because you decided to stand up.

Our skin clad in mud and clay because you, Sana, changed the course of this nation.

We have not fogotten,

that one man can still make a difference. That even after 40 years, a poignant dream can still sail,

that malevalent ways of men can be held at bay by ‘pasin’.

But we did loose.

Yes we lost the man, the father, the leader, our great grand chief.

Yet, as you lay in Kreer, ten thousand heartbeats gained this newfound sense of unity, the unequivocal belief in the worthiness of the red black and gold among the sea of nations and above all, a passionate voice where once only whimpers and stammers lingered.

I salute you Sir Michael Thomas Somare!

Iam honoured to call you my great grand chief.

I will never forget you, I will never loose you.1

Amazing graduation

Now it’s the time of the year that Divine Word University students graduate. In fact its today, Friday 19th March 2021. Well, for a change, this time I won’t be on campus. It feels strange though.

HMSD 4 students of 2020

Seriously wish I had a better photo of you guys but wishing you all the biggest CONGRATULATIONS on your most momentous day. It takes a strong self-belief to stay four years and come out on top.

Happy Graduation today!

Seriously didn’t think 2020 would be my last year of teaching at the university. It’s been too long in the academic field. Just needed to get out for a while.  See yous!