PNG SMEs to pay K400 turnover tax

Small to Medium Enterprise in Papua New Guinea will now will have to pay an annual fee of K400 if they turn over or make K50,000 each year.

This was revealed through a newspaper article in the The National dated 22 September here. In the newspaper article, the Commissioner-general Sam Koim said the commission was preparing to implement the new tax regime.
“We have a new tax regime (which has) already been introduced in Parliament,” he said. “We are putting all the systems and processes in place to roll it out.
“It is the small business tax regime that will capture people below a K50,000 turnover so they don’t need to file a lot of things, pay a lot of time but pay a K400 turnover tax once in a year.
“It’s a small subscription tax or annual subscription so those are the things that we would like to roll it out to bring the untaxed into the tax regime so that everyone participate in sharing the burden of developing this country.”

The Chief is 49 in 1985

 Today, as I was going through some old newspapers, I came across the picture of one of Papua New Guinea’s great leaders – Mr. Micheal Somare. He was the first PNG Prime Minister and one of the founding leaders of PNG’s independence journey way back in 1975.

What took be aback from this picture was of how young he looked when he turned 49. The picture appeared on the front page of the Post Courier on Tuesday, April 9th, 1985.

Logitech R400

This particular PowerPoint presenter device (Logitech R400) has been helping me teach for the past five years. When it went kaput, I wanted to find someone to help me fix it since I had no idea about IT stuff.


Thinking about what to do with the device

Remember that failure is an event, not a person

Zig Ziglar

 But the internet provided the solution. People around the world share how they fix things and post it on forums and discussion pages online. I found such a site and followed instructions using a kitchen knife, opened the device and fixed the tiny switch. Now the device is working again.