Domestic Violence in PNG

So many women are dying and have died of domestic violence in this country. Those who are posting on social media, please keep on posting and talking about it so that this issue becomes part of our everyday discussion. Too many times, it is ignored and kept out of public discussion.

I believe domestic violence is a systematic problem nationwide and therefore needs a systematic approach towards solving or reducing the problem and this needs to start at the top – political leaders. Political leaders as a group, wield great power including the political will to change something in their favour. If we have the political will to win, create and bankroll the South Pacific Games and the APEC meetings, then why cant we for something that matters to our loved ones? Our hauslain? This 100% male parliament is not even close to hearing the cries of women. We need more women political leaders who, as a group, can change the momentum on the fight against domestic violence. This cannot happen in one go but over a number of years.

Come on women, 2022 is the year for change. Stand up, be counted and vote women into parliament! Imagine if 50% of parliament were women! Maski long votim ol man bikos nogat senis kamap na ol meri dai yet. Imagine the countless women who are in rural areas of PNG who face life like what this young lady went through everyday. We need a systematic change where relevant government agencies are adequately funded, legal systems and protocols for perpetrators are fasttracked, safe houses become the norm, hotlines are toll free, training for law enforcement, etc.

This fight needs political will to kickstart it. We have signed petitions, international conventions, ran campaigns etc. Inap! Sanapim wanpla meri lo komuniti blo yu, votim em lo 2022 na em bai go na rausim ol tambaran lo displa haus yah! Na yupla ol meri, inap lo votim ol man!! Displa pasin we igat 20 candidate na wanpla meri, maski votim ol man! Even if you dont like her, just block vote na yumi salim displa meri go lo Waigani! We need more firebrand Josephine Abaijahs and straight-shooting Carol Kidus! Come on, let us vote for change in 2022!

A wedding

What a privilege to attend a wedding!

Its not often that I get an official invitation to attend a wedding but today was different. I was invited by Jerome and Aloisa to attend their wedding.

The wedding took place at the DWU chapel.



The church was well set up and nicely decorated with the theme of red, pink and white.

I took Lordes as well and we went.

We arrived 10 minutes earlier than everybody. We met Professor Peter Anderson and then waited for everyone to turn up.

Inside the church, the place was amazing with bright colours, flower petals sprinkled on the floor, flowers placed neatly here and there, balloons, white sheets dangling from stands, a red carpet… was very nice!


Then the couple did their procession with their bridesmaid and the groomsmen. All were immaculately dressed – the ladies with pink and the guys with dark suits.

I don’t know why I got a bit misty eyed when they both read their vows….it just says so much about committing oneself to another person. It really is a powerful moment when one person says something so meaningful and profess their love to another person in front of a community. It really is.


Just as the event was getting more beautiful, Lordes said she was feeling cold and her hands trembled. I asked her if she was ok, she looked at me with worried eyes and I know something was not right. I led her outside the chapel. When we were outside, she asked me to carry her home.

When we arrived home, she was shivering profusely. I gave her some panadol and told her to lie down. She didnt have fever so I assumed the panadol would calm her down and I would go back to the wedding. After few minutes she was shivering but this time I became concerned. In that brief moment, I thanked God for giving me the right mindset to get her quickly to a health facility. Later on, after everything had worked out and I reflected back, I just knew that if I had not taken her to the hospital, she could have lost her life. It was that serious! I quickly called the ever reliable ‘Hilux’ and he quickly came and took us to the private clinic along Modilon road. When we arrived the service was really fast and efficient. Lordes’s temperature was 39. 4 degrees and they gave her arthemeter and christapen! It was malaria.

Now I look back and at that moment I had made the right decision in taking her very quickly to the health facility. It really could have been worse!According to Malaria Control handbook for Papua New Guinea, four out of every 10 outpatient visit to a health facility in PNG is a malaria case and around 600 people die annually from Malaria in PNG!

Anyway, my daugther and I missed a great wedding event at the chapel and the reception at the Madang Resort hotel.

A very big congratulations to Mr. and Mrs Semos!